Our Story

Kenneth Finochiaro is passionate about helping people. While working with golfers to improve focus and concentration Ken decided to create eyewear that could improve performance. One of the golfers suffered from PTSD and he was amazed by how the glasses reduced his anxiety. The glasses calmed him without any prescription drugs.

Dr. Wes Sime, a PHD and Psychologist, who was working on the golf glasses had done in-depth studies of trauma reduction in first responders with PTSD. Together Dr. Sime and Ken decided to conduct brain scans of PTSD patients while using the glasses to see if they could prove the science. The results proved the glasses helped quiet the brain, reduce stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Dr. Sime asked Dr. Jim Nedrow, OD, MS., F.A.A.O., DIPL, NBEO, to conduct VEP testing (visual evoked potential) on PTSD patients and that clinical research again proved the AtEase Glasses worked to quiet the symptoms of general anxiety and PTSD. Since these tests thousands of people have used the glasses with very high levels of success in many different categories of need.

Ken next had to put together a team to bring his glasses to the world. He was introduced to a serial entrepreneur named Steve Clute who researched and recognized the value of the product. The two agreed to collaborate their energies and after creating a detailed strategic plan of execution they built a seasoned, innovative professional leadership team. The company decided that the most important function of their launch was to build a clearly defined brand for this amazing product. AtEase was born and in just a few short months the company has engaged with strong distributors, improved manufacturing and distribution, built their marketing and eCommerce strategy while building the plans for ongoing research and development of five different product lines for different categories of anxiety and brain function treatment. AtEase is the 15 minute no drugs answer to anxiety and lack of focus. Everyone who has seen and tried the product has loved the results. The AtEase team is now on their mission of delivering the glasses as the global answer to people seeking relief from anxiety.