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AtEase Glasses LLC has developed a completely drug-free therapy for PTSD, anxiety and attention issues that also aids with focus and performance enhancement. The glasses were created by an Army Veteran who wished deeply for them to provide relief for brothers and First Responders who struggle with anxiety and PTSD. Today the glasses are scientifically engineered to keep visual distractions at bay. AtEase Glasses use patented technology to limit one’s visual field and suppress neural stimulation, thereby reducing racing thoughts and distractions in order to improve one’s mental state, function, overall health, and performance.

After a couple of years of research, development, organization, and outreach AtEase Glasses are at market and successfully fulfilling the cause they were created to serve. Behind the leadership of Steve Clute and an elite team of health and business professionals in Minneapolis MN, AtEase Glasses are delivering therapeutic value to thousands of men, women, and children by enhancing focus, limiting distractions, and ultimately improving neurological function and performance. In a scientific study released in December 2018 results showed significant reductions in users’ physiological response to anxiety as both heart and brain activity were quieted.

Statistics say anxiety is the most widespread mental illness in the United States. Given that more than 40 million adults suffer from a form of anxiety, up 5 percent in the past year, there is a disturbing uptrend that needs all our attention. We need to treat anxiety without the costs, risks, and repercussions of daily medications. AtEase avoids the risks of side effects and provides many with therapy. The glasses have assisted people with PTSD, general anxiety, insomnia, migraines, ADD, ADHD, struggles with focus, as well as physical and mental performance. The company is absolutely committed to therapy without risk. AtEase provides a full money-back guarantee for every purchase. If this therapy does not work for you – NO WORRIES – you return the glasses and get your money back. AtEase is a good company, run by good people doing good things for great people who are looking for and need help to have the life they want and deserve.

Steve Clute


Owner-leader with expertise in healthcare, wellness, and technology. Since 1982 has launched health, med device and med technology companies.

Gregory Clute


Big 4 accountant at PwC. Knows financial assessment, reporting, planning, project management, financing, and business management.

Joe Pacilio


Mechanical engineer, turned software developer, with holistic understanding of successful operations purposed to grow and exit.

Denny Loving

Sales Director

Denny has 40 years of sales experience in many arenas and has lead us to close on some of our most dynamic accounts.


Greg Ruden


As President of Expert Optics, led his company to an exit to EssilorLuxottica. Greg has a vast amount of knowledge in eyewear production and distribution.


Barry Hix


Barry specializes in equipping medical device, life science, and medical technology brands to quickly and effectively penetrate healthcare markets.

Mark Setterstrom


Mark is currently a General Manager for a multi-state, multi-industry material supply company throughout the Midwest. Prior to his current role, Mark played five years in the NFL.



Charlie Callahan


25-year veteran executive creative director. Led growth of a 4-person company to 530 people with offices in 4 countries.



Chris Ogren


Ogren grew and exited a disposable dental product named Safe-Flow to Crosstex in December 2017. Will be assisting in the disposable eyewear product.


Dr. Christina Miller


Dr. Miller joined the AtEase team in 2020. She is leading the research efforts at Midwestern University where she is a professor in their Chicago College of Optometry.