You can't block out anxiety... or can you?

Through extensive research, AtEase has developed a drug-free way to relieve anxiety through its patented glasses.

Anxiety Affects Everybody

Over 40 million people suffer from anxiety. That anxiety comes in many forms. For some it might be stress at work. For others it might be a fear of going to the dentist. And for others it might be even more troubling like panic attacks or PTSD. AtEase glasses are scientifically proven to calm that section of the brain related to stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.

They work by blocking out peripheral distractions, quieting the mind and allowing the individual to feel more safe, confident and relaxed. By reducing the field of vision, the patented lens technology also eliminates distraction and white noise allowing for greater focus and concentration.



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Clinical Research

Delta and Theta waves are the lowest frequency brain waves and are typically only experienced during deep sleep. These are the waves that become active during the production of dreams. Alpha waves are typically prominent in an adult who is awake but relaxed with their eyes closed. In general, amplitudes diminish when subjects open their eyes and are attentive to external stimuli.

Unfortunately for victims of PTSD, Delta, Theta, and Alpha waves can increase activity during wake time, leading to vivid flashbacks and intense emotional reactions that cannot be differentiated from the present.

Below are the actual results from a patient's brain scan with and without the glasses. You can see the calming effect on the brain as the brain transitions from red, high anxiety, to blue, calmness.


Dr. Wes Sime, PHD

Professor of Health and Human Performance

Currently a professor at the University of Nebraska, Dr. Sime is also the former medical consultant for the U.S. Army's Center for Enhanced Performance at West Point, where he was charged with developing a program specifically for dealing with serious cases of anxiety.

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On-going Development

We are determined to continue research into how our therapeutic glasses technology can help those that are troubled by anxiety-related ailments by continuing to engage medical professionals to perform on-going research. We have several doctors performing clinical research studies and are continuing to add more.


Dr. James Tuorila, PHD


Currently a licensed, practicing psychologist in the state of Minnesota, Dr. Tuorila has spent the majority of his career learning about and treating PTSD. He has seen positive results with his patients and will be conducting his own clinical study on the glasses.

We have also seen variations of our glasses helping users suffering from migraines, ADHD, and even concussions. Based on these favorable results, we are pursuing further clinical research in each of these areas with the hope that we can provide effective, drug-free relief.

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