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The Only Eyewear Created to Improve Your Health and Wellness!

The world is filled with anxiety, stress and distractions that interfere with focus, control, peace and performance. Many
people are overwhelmed and simple tasks become difficult.

Through research and investigation, AtEase has developed glasses that can provide beneficial physical and mental impact.

The patented AtEase Glasses are FDA registered and completely drug-free. Utilizing visual occlusion & blue light
technology, AtEase Glasses provide therapy that improves neurological function and psychological performance.

Provide Focus
Promotes Better Sleep
Limit Distractions
Improve Neurological Function & Performance
Relief from Headaches, Migraines, & Anxiety
TBI, PTSD, Insomnia, Depression & ADHD

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Dr. Wes Sime, PhD

Professor of Health and Human Performance

Currently a professor at the University of Nebraska, Dr. Sime is also the former medical consultant for the U.S. Army’s  Center for Enhanced Performance at West Point, where he was charged with developing a program specifically for dealing with serious cases of anxiety.

Dr. Beth Hanlon, MD


Dr. Hanlon, MD, gives a warm endorsement for AtEase Glasses as ‘a successful adjunct to the treatment of migraines, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress, without the need of pharmacological therapy.

Dr. James Tourila, PhD


Currently a licensed, practicing psychologist in the state of Minnesota, Dr. Tuorila has spent the majority of his career learning about and treating PTSD. He has seen positive results with his patients and will be conducting his own clinical study on the glasses.

Dr. Dennis Peterson, PhD


Dr. Peterson received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado, and he holds Master’s and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of South Dakota. Before becoming Superintendent for the Minnetonka Schools, he was superintendent for six other school districts, including the Southland Schools in Adams, Minn. He was also an Assistant Superintendent for the Mounds View Schools.

Dr. James Nedrow, OD, MS


Dr. James L Nedrow is an Optometry Specialist in Lincoln, Nebraska. He graduated with honors from Southern College of Optometry in 1965. Dr. Nedrow has extensive knowledge in the field of Optometry with more than 54 years of diverse experiences.

Dr. Georgia Houle, DDS

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Houle graduated from the School for International Training in Vermont with a Bachelor of International Studies. She went on to obtain her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Minnesota in 2003.

Dr. Christina Miller

Professor and Doctor of Optometry

Dr. Miller joined the AtEase team in 2020. She is leading the research efforts at Midwestern University where she is a professor in their Chicago College of Optometry.

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