AtEase Light Glasses


When experiencing anxiety, stress, or panic attacks, thoughts and emotions can hit you from every angle. Distractions interfere and focusing on objectives is difficult. The patented AtEase Glasses are zero-risk and completely drug-free. You focus, and AtEase Glasses limit distractions to improve your neurological function and performance.

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  • AtEase Glasses are easy to use and zero-risk. When you feel stress, anxiety, restlessness, or distraction, simply put on your AtEase Glasses. Sit still, read, listen to music, watch a movie, etc. for one to fifteen minutes. By blocking out visual noise, the glasses help your brain relax.
  • The double injection lens with a 6mm amber viewing window blocks peripheral distractions and creates visual occlusion.
  • By utilizing specific light blocking and visual occlusion technology, AtEase Glasses enhance focus and limit distractions as therapy for neurological function and performance.
  • Every pair comes packaged in a microfiber pouch and semi-hard case.
  • Polycarbonate frames
  • Every pair of AtEase Glasses comes with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

Important Product Information

AtEase Glasses will restrict the wearer’s peripheral vision and should not be worn while driving a vehicle, operating any kind of machinery, riding a bike, playing sports or doing any such activity that requires a normal field of vision. The glasses are not sunglasses or safety glasses and should never be worn for these purposes.

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