Anxiety, stress, and depression can nestle their way into our lives in several different ways. This is totally normal. Stressful work environments, relationship issues, grief, frustration, loneliness and worry all cause anxiety and depression at some points in our lives. That said, it’s important that we know how to handle them when they arise.

Even though no one knows the precise link between anxiety and depression, it is known that they tend to occur together. In one recent study, 85% of those diagnosed with major depressive disorder were also deemed to have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and about 35% showed signs of panic disorder. On top of this, other anxiety disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been correlated to depression. Because they are such common causes, anxiety and depression have become known as the “fraternal twins” of mood disorders. 

Some people experience anxiety and depression without any known triggers, making tasks such as getting to work on time, staying focused throughout the day, self-care, etc. very difficult challenges. This can certainly be frustrating, as unpredictable mood swings and invasive emotions can interfere with a persons’ day-to-day quality of life and productivity. For more information on identifying stressors/triggers, check out one of our past blog posts here

How can AtEase Glasses help?

Glad you asked. 

To put it in layman’s terms, just picture glasses that—instead of blocking out the sun—can block out unwanted feelings and emotions related to anxiety. At its essence, AtEase Glasses work to suppress day-to-day triggers by limiting external stimuli and decrease the waves in the brain that are linked to anxious feelings and emotions. Being specifically engineered to keep visual distractions at bay, AtEase Glasses increase wearers’ ability to concentrate while putting the brakes on a racing mind. Completely drug-free, the patented lens design combines blue ray blocking and limits a users’ visual field to provide therapeutic value by enhancing focus, limiting distractions, and ultimately improving neurological function and performance.

That said, AtEase Glasses act not only as a panacea in alternative anxiety relief but given the close ties between anxiety and depression, AtEase Glasses can also provide an alternative therapy for anxiety and anxiety-induced depressive disorders alike. See the difference for yourself today! For more information regarding AtEase Glasses’ proven therapeutic benefits and scientific background, click here.

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